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Creative Jolt is a Digital Marketing Agency for online advertising.  We may say that we “don’t do websites,” and we mean it but we do provide online funnels that involves providing the best in website strategic design, development, and SEO among other paid avenues of online advertising.

Creative Jolt has data, acts on data, collects additional data and moves data because data is customers and it’s about getting customers in front of businesses, guiding them and nurturing them.

Creative Jolt was founded and started in Charlotte, North Carolina of 2015 and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah during the Spring of 2016.  Creative Jolt provides customer generating services for companies nation wide.

David G Pehrson
David Pehrson

Founder of Creative Jolt, Creator of forward thinking ideas.

David Pehrson was born in the West but raised in the Midwest.  During his educational pursuits, he started to study Business Administration and Business Management.  From there, he discovered his passion of advertising and achieved a dual bachelors in Public Relations and Advertising.

In pursuit of a future, Dave rediscovered his roots in website design and development of 20 years.  With the combination of education, modern trends and enterprise experience, Dave develops working strategies to make a business successful in the world of online advertising.

Since 2013, Dave volunteer’s some of his time to the Upward Reach Foundation which specializes in focusing the betterment of youth through their nonprofit organization, Voices For Virtue.  This organization currently has over 1 million followers on Facebook and continually grows.

Dave founded Creative Jolt to provide online advertising services in a way that generates leads for businesses, using his experience from working in multi-billion dollar industries for marketing combined with his web design strategies.

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